Real People, Real Feelings


Sky is not the limit… the mind is. I like Chatting, Travelling , Swimming.


i like Listening soft music,Swimming, and going on long drive . I am on this application to search for my soulmate. Lets do a Video Chat and find out if you are the one. !!


Hi.. I love traveling, meeting people, dancing and partying. I love night life and Delhi is my favorite city. Lets do a Video Chat and find out if we can Party Together !! :)


Hi.. Hope I will find someone special here. But I normally take time to trust someone. So, keep patience!!


Hi.. Modelling is my passion. I have travelled across the world for shoots. Now I am looking for someone with whom I can settle down and have fun.


i am charming and soft spoken , love to make friends., My hobbies are dancing and gaming.


i like Listening soft music...........I love night life and Delhi is my favorite city. Lets do a Video Chat and find out if we can Party Together !! :)

E Khan

Cooking, sewing, gardening, reading, shopping, depends on my mood


Walking along the beach, singing a song


Dr Amir She is consultant doctor ,psychologist & psychosocial expert with excellent interpersonal skills and dedicated to helping others. She is comfortable with building personal relationships with a positive attitude. .She is well experienced in psychosocial issues and help individuals to overcome stigma and barriers that prevent them from reaching out their goals. She provides advising and guiding for individual through difficult decisions. She will listen to help them understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives. She providespeer mentoring, reflective listening, or counseling and change occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, and emotional, social or practical help to each other. As a counselor will diagnose, treat, and help individual to create coping strategies. She will listen, support, and monitor for progress. She works with individuals and group. She is compassionate and caring of people, calm and cool-headed with a positive attitude, self-directed and self-motivated.

Tim, social Love Guru

Se a professional psychosocial therapist, he is highly compassionate who have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is capable of building trust and forming impactful relationships with people. He possess first-hand experience that allows him to connect more deeply with people. He provides support for individuals, particularly as they transition from recovery back into the general community. This can include finding or re-integrating with friends, family, and outside communities. He uses his personal experiences to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with individuals. He provides practical advice and solutions to enable people to live full, satisfying and independent lives. He advising people on how they can approach everyday tasks differently. He encourage the individuals to discuss emotions and experiences. He examines issues including substance abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships and self-image.